Connecting your business with the greatest number of people

Hosting a conference allows a company to present itself as a knowledge leader within the industry and to gain valuable exposure. As professional conference organisers, we’ll ensure your next conference provides a return on investment and connects you with the greatest number of people. Whatever your industry, we’ll write your prospectus, organise a full program of speakers, manage ticketing and deliver a world class conference.

What We Do

Campaign Strategy

We develop a comprehensive strategic campaign to promote and drive ticket sales for your conference.


We will manage all ticketing for your conference, as well as developing a micro sight for promotion and ticket sales.

Speakers Management

We can develop a comprehensive program for each day of your conference, including sourcing the best guest speakers.


We manage all contracting and subcontractors associated with the planning and event management of your conference

Venue & Technology

We manage all aspects of venue hire and all technology, including micro sites, audio visual and lighting.


Our team is onsite on the day of your conference to make sure everything runs like clockwork.


From Our Valued Clients

Why Choose Us

Phoenix has gained its trusted reputation as professional conference organisers through successful conference management for esteemed corporate brands such as BMW and NAB. We carefully design and manage a conference to achieve your goals.

Full Management

Phoenix takes care of all aspects of your conference management. We develop your strategic campaign, write all marketing material and the event prospectus. From contracts, to choosing a venue, ticketing, speakers and technical management. We are also onsite on the day to ensure everything runs like a machine.


Phoenix has conference management experience working with many large companies. Our success lies in our meticulous attention to detail and our communication. We listen to our corporate clients and get to know your brand and your goals. We understand the key concerns of generating ticket sales and a return on investment..


Phoenix Creative Management are a hard working team who love the challenge and excitement of a large conference or congress. Our efficient processes and our industry contacts mean we are able to secure value for money for our clients. Our prices are highly competitive and we guarantee our quotes are fair.

Other Event Planning Services

Our other event planning services includes a range of corporate events, charity galas, wedding planning, party planning and event entertainment.